2022 Municipal Election Questionnaire – Question 5 Responses (Posted September 24, 2022)

Question 5 
The OFS CFAI 2019 Standards of Cover (SOC) document identifies four station development triggers: growth, response level, risk, and land use. In its 2020 Annual Report (October 12, 2021), OFS acknowledges these triggers have occurred, “The 2019 [CFAI] Standards of Cover (SOC) document, utilized for Ottawa Fire Services latest Accreditation, clearly illustrates intensification in several urban and rural communities at a rate that is growing beyond our current capacity to meet our minimum standards (ERF) and is now requiring more careful consideration…most pressing for Ottawa Fire Service is the community of Stittsville. Thoughtful consideration will be given to convert Fire Station 81 in Stittsville from a fully volunteer station to a composite station. A conversion to a composite station will enhance Ottawa Fire Services deployment model and resources in this community by ensuring that the station has a compliment of [career] firefighters in station ready to respond at all times.” The conversion of Station 81 from a volunteer station to a composite station is long overdue and the 2021-24 strategic planning process is the appropriate mechanism for OFS to explore options and propose the solutions required to improve service and contend with the city’s growth and intensification.

Will you commit to supporting the conversion of Station 81 from a volunteer fire station to a composite fire station that operates with career firefighters?

Brandon Bay, Candidate for Mayor

Nour Kadri, Candidate for Mayor

Graham MacDonald, Candidate for Mayor
yes, I would support converting Station 81 in Stittsville as development has increased in the area, leaving it as a Volunteer Station at this stage is negligent on behalf of the city in my opinion.

Mike Maguire, Candidate for Mayor
If the situation is as clear as is described in the question then yes, I would support the conversion. Also, if things are as described, there needs to be a conversation about how it took so long to get this done and what risks were incurred during that time.

Ade Olumide, Candidate for Mayor
It seems reasonable that since other parts of the City are served by career firefighters, then every part of the City should have the same opportunity, however I have learnt not to make significant decisions without hearing both sides, if this is the desire of the community and staff, I could support this, if the surrounding community is surveyed and they are opposed, I am unlikely to oppose the community.

Param Singh, Candidate for Mayor
I would explore all options with OFS and see what solutions are best to ensure that the community receives a service that they deserve. 

Rosemee Cantave, Candidate for Councillor - Ward 1 Orléans East-Cumberland
Absolutely. Yes I will support the conversion of Station 81 and any other volunteer fire station to a composite fire station in the future to absorb the rate of intensification of our city.

Tessa Franklin, Candidate for Councillor - Ward 1 (Orléans East-Cumberland)
Yes. This is a necessity for protecting our neighbours in Stittsville.

Taayo Simmonds, Candidate for Councillor - Ward 3 Barrhaven West
I support

Christine Moulaison, Candidate Councillor - Ward 4 Kanata North
Supporting this new composite station needed in Stittsville, as well as any other that are demonstrably needed over time, will absolutely have my support.

Stephanie Maghnam, Candidate for Councillor - Ward 5 West Carleton-March

Greg Patacairk, Candidate for Councillor - Ward 5 West Carleton-March

Mathew Duchesne, Candidate for Councillor - Ward 6 Stittsville
Yes absolutely I will. This is a priority, this station has the most equipment of the stations in Stittsville, we need to ensure this is manned full time in the event we need their specialized equipment that the other station does not carry.  

Tanya Hein, Candidate for Councillor - Ward 6 Stittsville
I am tremendously grateful for the exceptionally capable firefighting and outstanding community engagement of Station 81 volunteers, but with ~450 calls last year, rapid population growth, greater congestion on Stittsville Main (along with spotty driver response to the green light), and a broader range of structures being added to the community, I can see value in moving to a composite station structure at some point in the near term. I’d like to learn more about what this would mean for residents tax-wise, and options for division of responsibility and staffing that would avoid situations like towers being booked out of service.

Kevin Hua, Candidate for Councillor - Ward 6 Stittsville
Station 81 is in my ward of Stittsville and Stittsville is growing very fast with new developments and intensification and we need to ensure fire protection in the community keeps pace and so, as per the recommendations of the 2020 Annual Report and with adequate consultation of residents and relevant stakeholders on the matter, consideration should be given and pursued to converting Station 81 to a composite facility.

Robert Hill, Candidate for Councillor - Ward 7 Bay
Absolutely, An area such as Stittsville that is so heavily populated now should not solely depend on volunteers to man their station. Of course we greatly appreciate our volunteer firefighters but we need to ensure these stations have staff on hand 24/7 in case of any emergencies.

Theresa Kavanagh, Candidate for Councillor - Ward 7 Bay
I appreciate the fact that the community of Stittsville has grown significantly in recent years, and can understand that the four triggers of growth, response times, risk and land use are reason to consider the future of the Stittsville volunteer fire service model. Given the fact that these is significant growth in many areas of thee city, the Stittsville FS should be considered as part of a city-wide evaluation of the Ottawa Fire Services that will be needed in the coming years.

Laine Johnson, Candidate for Councillor - Ward 8 College
Yes. As a City grows we must ensure we provide emergency services that are proportional and responsive to the public. With any new program, a phased approach to determine the appopriate level of professional staffing to support the volunteer base would be ideal, so that we remain cost-effective. There are other examples of composite stations in Kanata and elsewhere we can replicate as appropriate.

Sean Devine, Candidate for Councillor - Ward 9 Knoxdale-Merivale
Yes, in principle. However, I’d want to hear from my Stittsville councillor colleague to hear their perspective on it. But if the main concern is that Stittsville’s growth has led to this requirement, then I would be in support of this, especially as the proposal to move from volunteer to composite station seems reasonable and gradual.

Myles Egli, Candidate for Councillor - Ward 9 Knoxdale-Merivale

Michael Wood, Candidate for Councillor - Ward 9 Knoxdale-Merivale
I would be open to reviewing what would make the community safest. Again, without working for the city before, conversations will need to open up but I am 100% committed to making all of Ottawa the safest it can be.

Taylor Houstoun, Candidate for Councillor - Ward 10 Gloucester-Southgate
Yes I will. Stittsville is rapidly growing, and the surrounding area will be too. My platform proposes a housing plan that would see significant new development in the city. Fire services are critical to maintain and have grow with the city for everyone’s safety.

Hicham Boutaleb, Candidate for Councillor - Ward 12 Rideau-Vanier
Yes, I will support it and it should be included in the 2021-2024 Strategic Plan. 

Kim Leclerc, Candidate for Councillor - Ward 12 Rideau-Vanier
It is important that the transition to hybrid services is made when the standards require it. It is a question of security,

Stéphanie Plante, Candidate for Councillor - Ward 12 Rideau-Vanier
YES if the local community is consulted and is supportive of the idea.

Laura Shantz, Candidate for Councillor - Ward 12 Rideau-Vanier
I will support this conversion of Station 81 in alignment with the station development triggers outlined above.

Peter Karwacki, Candidate for Councillor - Ward 13 Rideau-Rockliffe
Using the the station development triggers of growth, response level, risk, and land use may be important but there may be other triggers and factors. I need to see more data. Having said that I am sympathetic to the plea for resources in the face of these four triggers.

Rawlson King, Candidate for Councillor - Ward 13 Rideau-Rockliffe

Stuart MacKay, Candidate for Councillor - Ward 14 Somerset
Yes, I would commit to supporting the conversion of Station 81 from a volunteer fire station to a composite fire station that operates with career firefighters. Stittsville is one of the fastest growing communities in Ottawa with a forecasted population of 75,000 by 2025. Because of this, it will be essential to the appropriate level of deployment for Station 81. That means making it a composite station.

Brandon Russell, Candidate for Councillor - Ward 14 Somerset
Station 81 is such an important aspect of our community - I think we need to include the public in the conversation, and the firefighters, community leaders, and stakeholders to make an informed decision.

Ariel Troster, Candidate for Councillor - Ward 14 Somerset
Yes -- it seems absurd that a community like Stitsville is still relying on a volunteer firefighter station.

Riley Brockington, Candidate for Councillor - Ward 16 River
Very likely. I would simply want to learn more about the matter. But if the criteria have been met that have normally led to volunteer fire stations to be converted to career firefighters then my support would be provided.

Alex Dugal, Candidate for Councillor - Ward 16 River
YES. I believe the majority of area residents within the immediate response zone of Station 81 would be very surprised it is not yet converted.

Shawn Menard, Candidate for Councillor - Ward 17 Capital
Yes, it is essential that our fire stations are staffed appropriately, particularly in densifying wards. Firefighters deserve fair compensation as an essential community service. 

Marty Carr, Candidate for Councillor - Ward 18 Alta-Vista

Yvette Ashiri, Candidate for Councillor - Ward 19 Orléans South-Navan
Absolutely, people in Stittsville deserve to feel safe in their communities and should never worry about emergency response time. The OFS has clearly devised and strategized the best solution to this problem and I can 100% confirm that I am behind them all the way. Firefights are the people on the ground and know what they need best. I am fortunate enough to learn from OFS and will support their needs in any way I can.

Bob Masaro, Candidate for Councillor Ward 20 Osgoode
Yes, if elected, I would advocate for some full-time opportunities in Osgoode Ward as well. 

Patti Searl, Candidate for Councillor Ward 21 Rideau-Jock
I was afraid of this !!! With Richmond and Manotick growing and possibly other areas. Thank you for sharing the information above as I look on with Ward #21 needs in mind. Like Barrhaven and other parts of the City. Yes. I agree it is needed now as Stittsville has had exponential growth and more to come with Kanata North increasing in density too. 

Kevin Setia, Candidate for Councillor Ward 21 Rideau-Jock
Yes, if it has triggered the threshold and gets included in an approved strategic plan, As a councillor it is my job to work with colleagues to gather consensus around critical and mandated municipal services, firefighters/first responder is a basic municipal service and we have to get it right for everyone in the city.

Mike Dawson, Candidate for Councillor Ward 23 Kanata South
Need more info svp

Rouba Fattal, Candidate for Councillor Ward 23 Kanata South
I do support this conversion. My neighbor's new house burnt down the other year, and I know another friend who is a chef in Stittsville whose house burnt down. Stittsville is growing incredibly fast, and I would hope to do as much as I can as a city councilor to prevent anyone else from having to insure the tragedy of losing their house from a fire. 

Patrick Brennan, Candidate for Councillor Ward 24 Barrhaven East
Yes. Stittsville should have a composite station with career firefighters.

Richard Garrick, Candidate for Councillor Ward 24 Barrhaven East
Yes, I would support this proposal if the evidence shows a need in the community. This includes working with other wards and councillors to make sure the needs of the area and safety of residents are being met.

Wilson Lo, Candidate for Councillor Ward 24 Barrhaven East
Absolutely. The work and dedication of volunteer firefighters is not to be understated, but Stittsville has grown rapidly over the last decade and will continue to grow until the area between Stittsville Main, Hazeldean, Terry Fox, and Fernbank is filled in, based on community design plans and developer site plans. It needs dedicated career firefighters to keep them safe (maybe composite in the interim during a transition period).

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